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Enhance your home…and your mood…with Camellias
For those that may experience a bit of the winter blues now that the cold months are upon us, a new study reveals flowers can be a natural remedy to enhance moods.

The behavioral research study, conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, found that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety and feel less depressed when flowers are present in the home.
Did you know?

The Camellia sasanqua offers the added benefit of fragrance.

Tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.

Coco Chanel was well known for wearing a white Camellia.

Camellia japonica is the state flower of Alabama.

The Queen Mother grew Camellias in all of her gardens and today the plant is known as the "Queen of ornamental shrubs."

Camellia japonicas are native to eastern and southern Asia from the Himalayas east to Japan and Indonesia.

Monrovia has a separate 60-acre nursery in Visalia, California dedicated solely to Camellias. We're proud that we are one of the leading nurseries offering this beautiful ornamental shrub.

To add a dose of fresh flowers around the house, consider the Camellia.

Camellias provide a stunning show of rose- and peony-like blooms, made all the more impressive in a season with few flowering options. They bloom in a wide array of colors – red, white, pink, variegated, and the rare yellow – and make lovely cut flowers, lasting up to one week.

Not only are Camellias a graceful addition to mild-winter gardens, they are also exquisite houseplants. When caring for your Camellia indoors, give them a cool, but not freezing environment with as much natural light and humidity as possible and moderate soil moisture. With a minimal amount of care, your Camellia will reward you with numerous gorgeous blooms from early winter into spring.

Monrovia offers a wide range of Camellia varieties – close to 60 – including the popular Ice Angels Series of cold hardy Camellias and the striking Nuccio’s Bella Rosa. To locate a garden center near you that carries Monrovia's extraordinary Camellia collection, search our retail locator below.
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